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Re: GMP Civitella Cable lashe

Update:  I finally found this lasher on the GMP website.  It is made by a Brazilian company that bares the GMP name and some how related to KleinTools.   After read the instruction manual and viewed the video again, I have decided not to try this lasher because I picked up on even more levers switches on the Civitella lasher that are automatic on the Cs and Js lashers.  There is a dedicated anti-roll back switch, separate lasher lock lever, and a swiveling front gate roller as well as a lock on the back gate that takes 2 hands to release and close the latch and you have to lowering the rear handle so the lashing wire does not catch on it.  I my opinion: There are just too many things that take 2 hands, too many steps and too much time for this lasher to be productive.  


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