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Fiber Splicer seeking work in Texas

Turner’s Splicing LLC located in the Central Texas. We have multiple Splicing crews equipped with bucket trucks, splicing trailers, and all tools needed to get the job done. We can handle any size project, proficient working with multiple styles of enclosures, we splice Ribbon or loose tube fiber and perform all testing required. We also are willing to travel if there is potential for a large quantity of work and the rates are good. We are fully insured, hardworking and knowledgeable.

Construction Billing, Tickets Clear and Management

Yes, your problems with paperwork and spreadsheets are over!! Keep your eyes in your production and let us take care of your: tickets, spreadsheets, invoices, redlines, close-up packages, payroll and receivables control. We will track your daily earnings, invoices and daily payouts. Make more with less.

We have a directional drill and 6 guys

WE are looking for work in VA, NC, SC, GA, we have the equipment and the crew. Im Jose Call me or text me at 757-383-0088. Email me at


Seeking Prime

25+ years in the business subcontractor Lineman/Splicer seeking contact info for Prime Contractor for Suddenlink and AT & T that owns the maintenence contract for that plant in the West Texas area ie. Upton County, Reagan County, Crane County and Midland County etc. I live in Upton County and ready to do the work. Primes can call 432 888 0528 or contact via email

25 years / Experienced Regional Mgr or Director

Currently employed however I am looking to better myself and bring my experience to a company that will utilize it. I have access to prime contracts and crews. Have plenty of actual hands on experience in all aspects of the industry. PM me and will send you my resume.

LFW, Field Engineer, Switch Tech, Wireless. L3

Experienced Field Engineer LFW in the Kansas/Missouri/Iowa/Nebraska area to start, willing to branch out further if needed. I've installed Layer 3 devices and power systems, I've installed and updated network equipment from multiple vendors in various remote sites. I'm experienced in adding scripts via CLI in Cisco devices and setting up basic configurations for networks. Mike Baker.

Electronics Repairs: All electronics related equip


Looking for jobs to blow fiber

Looking for high footage. Capable of large cable. 10+ yeas experience Condux equipment, Capable of 40,000+ plus feet per day depending on conditions. Open to travel. Matt .


Fiber Splicing

Gemini Power Systems is growing our Fiber Splicing Operation. We are fully insured and fully equipped to support Coax and Fiber Splicing (Ribbon/Loose Tube). We are interested in discussing any opportunities to partner on available projects. GPS is a Certified Minority Owned Enterprise. GPS has been built on a passionate commitment to excellence that is the driver of our consistent growth and exceptional customer loyalty. Our goal is to deliver superior value by exceeding customer expectations.

Storm Work

I am looking for storm work. I worked for AT&T in California as an Outside Plant Technician for 6 years. I have hand tools and climbers.


The company I work for is running out of work in October. I am from the residential Spectrum side of things. I’ve been a groundhand for about a month. I’m looking to stay in this side of telecom and learn as much as needed to become a lineman. Located in Louisville, KY. I have fresh DOT, CPR/First Aid cert, Confined Space cert, low level experience with T40/AT200.

Seasoned Lineman/Splicer

I have the knowledge, equipment and tools to build, splice, and activate any fiber, coax or copper networks. I am mostly looking for coax/fiber splicing, power supplies and pole transfers but would be willing to do construction for the right price. I am planning on going on the road around October/November to anywhere between the Pacific and the Rocky Mountains. I have references and examples of my work if needed. I also can help with mapping/engineering if there is a need for that.

Looking for fiber splicing work in Texas

Would like to be fairly close to the Houston area, but money talks! Looking for Primes only and want to come in as a sub, have all Insurance and equipment needed to get the job done right

Life LONG Lover of OUR Industry, Seeks TEAM..

.... To Be a Part Of ! Got quite a bit of experience, I would LOVE to share with other "Teammates" in job execution. Recent reduction in Force ( RIF'D) has caused me to go find another Team to join and keep doing "MY CABLE THING". MOST comfortable with Plant / engineering side of the industry, & can be Tech, Sup, MGR, Project Mgr, Tech Trainer, or QA guy. ...Warehouse & GO-FER>> TOO! Yes I'll consider an Entry Level position as well, and you get an "Ace in the hole"..

Needing Work Field Engineering

Needing walkout work looking for engineering right away pole sticking anything like that the west side of the states. Work in Washington state Nevada Arizona looking for fielding mapping.

Fiber Splicing

Looking for fiber/coaxial splicing in Ohio or tri states.Fully equipped ready to go.2 years experience FS 20 years in industry. 1099 fully insured. Gary Croft

Sweep or Splicing out West

Looking for any info on sweep, splicing node splits out west,,Arizona in particular...Thanks!!

Looking For Sweep/Splice Work Around Atlanta,Ga

Experienced Sweep/Splice Tech looking for sub-contract work in or around Atlanta. Have all insurance, experience, and references. Have bucket truck, pick-up truck, and all tools.

Tree /right of way clearing crews

Have crews buckets and chippers stump grinding tree removal brush etc for storm work

Fiber optics splicer

A seasoned fiber splicer in the south Florida area looking for work. Independent contractor with all my tools ready to go. Willing to even work in house if needed.

Construction Billing - GET PAID ON TIME!!

Are you having issues getting paid? Can't keep up with your daily reporting requirements? Need help tracking payroll and/or invoices? I am the person you're looking for. I've worked on both sides of the industry, Contracting companies and contractors. Skills I bring to the team: Redlining and production reports daily, daily payroll tracking, weekly invoice creation, weekly payroll reports, expense tracking, monitoring AP for on time remittance. Contact me ASAP so I can get you paid!

Quality/Safety Veteran Run Family Fiber Team(s)

We are looking for long term rural fiber work. Quality and safety focused. References available. We have nice newer 4x4 trucks, 4x4 atv's, trailers, all equipment and signs. We operate as 2 teams. Can bring buckets prefer not to. We currently hang rural fiber on the east coast for power. Will travel for the right project. Thanks for your time.