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Contact CABL

If you are having a problem and need help, be sure to include as much information as possible about the problem , including your account name (or attempted name if not able to sign up) and a recount of steps taken until the problem occurs. There is little that can be done if you send a message saying "I got an error", "I tried to sign up but couldn't", "I can't use the site", etc. with no supporting details!

  1. If you can successfully logon but have another (other than logon) problem to report, or a general comment or suggestion, consider posting it to the Site Issues forum topic. [DO NOT post here regarding moderation of messages. These will also be removed regardless of content.]
  2. If you have an account and are logged on, send a Private Message to Admin.
  3. If one of the other options is not available, send an email to

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volume of correspondence it is not always possible to answer every inquiry or respond immediately in every case. Priority is placed on those seeking help with registration, logging on, and posting or reading messages. Posting to Site Issues or sending a private message is much more likely to garner a timely response. When sending email, include the word "CABL" somewhere in the title to ensure its passage through the SPAM filters.

For help with orders placed for ads or membership, you can call the DBMV Solutions office during normal business hours.

9:00am-4:00pm EST
Mailing Address:
2720 Route 42, Suite #117
Sicklerville, NJ USA 08081