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About CABL®

The Cable Addict's Broadband Lounge (CABL®) is an online community dedicated to the Broadband Telecommunications industry, including Cable TV, Dish/Satellite, Telecom, and related wired and wireless technologies. Tens of thousands of broadband telecom personnel rely on CABL for its employment listings, online forums, and other services. is the oldest and most visited online forum dedicated to the industry, in continued operation since its founding in 1996. It is well-known as the Cable Bar™.

The CABL web site is operated by DBMV Solutions, an independent, privately-owned small business entity committed to providing information technology products & services to the general broadband utility industry. DBMV's owner and sole proprietor, Rick Goldeck, created in 1996 and has been its administrator since. "CABL" is a registered trademark of Rick Goldeck, DBA DBMV Solutions. The "Cable Bar" name and CABL logo are trademarks of Rick Goldeck, DBA DBMV Solutions.

Please review our policies before using this service

Email Addresses

Email is an important means of both professional and personal communication. CABL makes every effort to protect email addresses used on this site so members can feel comfortable using their normal address without fear of being added to unwanted mailing lists. If any member suspects that his or her address has been abused, please report it as soon as possible.

Whenever an email address appears in an advertisement or member information such as an account profile, it is hidden from direct view to all but Privileged accounts. When a Privileged member views an email address this action is written to a log. In the event a complaint arises or abuse is found, the log can be checked to find the violator.

In lieu of the actual email address, non-Privileged (anonymous/free) accounts are instead provided a form which will mail their message indirectly through the CABL server. The account's registered email address is included in the Reply To: field of the message header so that a reply by the recipient will be directed back to the Recipient and not the CABL server. It is important that members ensure the validity of their email address prior to using this feature. This service is provided only to initiate contact and should not become a primary means of communication between parties.

Unregistered users must register to gain access to email.

Addresses are transmitted unchanged through Private messages to all accounts. Members should not attempt to circumvent address protection in the public areas as this makes it impossible to prevent or track potential abuse.

CABL Messaging

Every registered member is given a private mailbox on CABL. Private messages can be sent in response to ads, forum posts, or addressed directly to other members. Select the Messaging icon in the menu bar to access the messaging features of your account.

After logon, the Messaging icon will display a number next to it 1 if your Inbox contains unread messages. Clicking the icon will take you directly to your Inbox.

Once a private message has been deleted, it is gone forever and cannot be retrieved. Take care to prevent unintended erasures and print or copy important messages to your own PC for permanent archival. Messages that remain in the Inbox or Outbox over one year may be purged to conserve database resources and improve performance. A separate Saved section is provided to store important sent or received messages where they will not be subject to periodic removal.

A member may block another member from sending private messages to their account via the Ignore User button on the other account's profile page. To block all private messages, designate this choice on the Manage Settings page.

There is no limit to the number of private messages a member may send or receive, however, adherence to the Terms of Use is always required. PRIVATE MESSAGES MAY NOT BE USED TO SEND UNSOLICITED ADVERTISEMENTS. ANY SUCH USAGE WILL BE CAUSE FOR PERMANENT SUSPENSION OF MEMBERSHIP PRIVILEGES.


This site has been designed to take advantage of features found only in more recent browser releases and mobile devices. An up-to-date version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple's Safari, Mozilla Firefox or one of the many offshoots based on these browsers is recommended.

Browser session cookies must be enabled in order to maintain logged-in status. Session cookies are small bits of data held only during the visit of the site. They are destroyed when the browser window is closed. If session cookies are disabled, only the guest level features of the site will be accessible. Persistent cookies (small bits of data stored on your PC between visits) are only required for automatic logon and may be disabled if this feature will not be used.

JavaScript must be enabled for most areas of the site to function properly.

The site has been designed to automatically adjust to fit on any size device whether smartphone, tablet, or desktop.


Each member is assigned a 'moniker' based on length of membership. The moniker is displayed in the member's public profile. The standard monikers:

CABL Addict
First 1,000 members
Old School CABL
Members 1,001 - 10,000
Senior Member
Members 10,001 - 30,000
CABL Veteran
Members 30,001 - 60,000
Members 60,001 - 90 days old
Junior Member
Member for less than 90 days
New Member
Member for less than 30 days

Members having an upgraded membership can override the default moniker With a custom one of their choosing. This is accomplished by adding the new moniker in the Manage Profile page.


CABL runs on software that has been continually developed, enhanced, and reworked over time solely for The back-end is Microsoft ASP.Net and the development platform Visual Studio. The front-end framework utilizes Bootstrap and JQuery. The only other sources used (and the only parts available to someone desiring similar function in their own site) are listed here.

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