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Spectrum Pay

I am seeking some advice on how to handle my current situation. I started work as a 1099 for a sub under MetroNet initially, then they asked if I would move to Ky, In and OH, for $50 a drop and another $50 for each drop over 500 ft. Then it changed to $50 for each then each drop under 400ft then after each additional 100ft or so I get an additional $20. Fine at first because I also get $650 for per diem, however slowly it’s been changing. First the footage pay now my per diem pay. I also use my own vehicle through these mountains with a ditch witch and trailer, which is extremely hard on my van. My issue is I have been looking into becoming my own sub and I found a company willing to pay me $1.50 per foot for buries/Ariel but no per diem. I would be traveling 1.5 hours further still own equipment and vehicle. 

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