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Re: Arris 1.2 GHz BLE & Minibridger setup (MB120)

We are padding our Amps to 5db and LEs to 11db (set by the local maintenance techs). At this point crank up the ADU pod (Man) until it clicks (it will turn forever before it clicks!), then back it off 3db (again, our system spec). Then use Pad 2 and EQ to set levels to system spec (41/31 here). Match Pad 3/4.  We never touch the ADU pad. Leave jumper (0) in place. Move into Auto and use Adjust pod to get your desired levels. Then balance your return. This is a pic one of my new guys sent me. At this point he hasn't matched  Pad 3/4. Again, this is how we were showed to set these up.

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