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Vermeer lm 42 vs lm 25?

do you guys ever use vermeer lm42 or lm 25 ?can u tell me pros and cons on either machine

i have use entire ditch witch series plows zahn,410 sx etc.but due to issues i had with their service departments i m going with vermeer now

i already have few spx 25 s which are great machines but they only bury up to 12 inch

i have couple jobs coning up that will need 14 and 18 inch buries

so i know lm 25 will burry up to 18 inch lm 42 up to 24 inch 

if u have any experience can u pls share ?i know 42 is bigger machine with deutz diesel 42 hp vs lm 25 kohler 25 gas which is same as spx 25

Small issue i have with spx 25 is not enough weight(even with the added weights) when u bury at 12 at 2600 lbs hoping i wont have that issue if i get Lm25 and i m leaning towards lm 25 due to i beleive i can use in shorter city jobs which wont able to it with lm 42.


so can u pls correct me if i miss anything or which one u would prefer?again only have a year contract for rural work not sure after that where i might be working more likely will be city,and by the way both with tires not tracs like spx 25 

thank u in advance

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