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WTH is a Super Sub

Like you: I have no idea WTH a Super Sub is that I'm reading about on here:    As long as I've been in this trade it went like this:

Customer/clientel//MSO/Tel /Pwr........contracts to a  Prime contractor or Specialty Contractor.....If they don't utilize their own crews, they sub out parts of the job to qualified smaller contractors...maybe the aerial portion or UG or Splicing, etc.....That should be where the ladder stops...but no... not today....Today those smaller contractors are subbing to a yet smaller maybe 1-2 crew contractor.   Of course while all of these is going on....the pay scale keeps decreasing until the damn sucker doing the actual work is working for Mc Donald pay wages, if he's lucky.  Then he has to fight to get his check and then run  to bank before it bounces.    It's a sorry business today and it will force all Primes to do their own work,  with their crews, paid by the hours.  Until the Customers wise up and require Primes to use their own crews.....the shit will continue to flow down him, while every one is making $$$ bucks off the sweat of the man doing the actual labor/work.   Keep Safe Folks: MicroMan

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