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Re: Tracking me as a subcontractor-00

As a contractor of 1099 worker, I would not let them track your phone, if you knew going in you were required to have a phone, that is just like a meter/truck or what ever.  Now if they want to track you, they need to give you a device to install on your work vehicle during (Working Hrs).  It's bad enough that Uncle Sam is always trying to track you, monitor you, etc.  If they want to know where their equipment is going, they need to provide such....You as a person are not considered Equipment.   Slaves days are gone, nobody owns you, controls you. Get your work order, get your equipment....hit the streets.


MicroMan..keep safe

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Re: Tracking me as a subcontractor-00 chicago splicing 2/18/2020 9:52:09 PM