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Re: Need Bucket/Digger Equipment Advice

Easy answer, Global Rental;  They rent all kinds of lift equipment. I have found that leasing vs. owning is a wash in most cases for me.  You will have new to late model rigs in very good condition. A fleet to be proud of. You will have zero maintenance other than oil changes & maybe DOT inspection.  If you have a lift break down, they send a mobile tech to your location at no charge to fix it.  If it’s the chassis, the tell you what dealer to go to. No charge to you.  If it’s bad enough that it can’t be fixed on site, they have sent replacement rigs to my location. Again no charge.  And when your contract is up, just send the truck(s) back. No further payments during your down time. Don’t take my word for this next statement, check with your CPA; your lease payments are 100% deductable when you need the deductions, not spread over years when you may or may not need the deductions. 

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