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Need Bucket/Digger Equipment Advice

New here and to the industry so bare with me. 

My company has been maintaining and upgrading small cells above the power space for a few years now. We have a few insulated buckets that we use, but we recently got a contract to install light poles and the small cell equipment on them, so we are looking to add equipment to accommodate this operation and I would love some advice.

I know we need a digger derrick, but the bucket capabilities are my concern here. We have never had to lift shrouds before, and some of them are 400+ lbs so lifting them in the bucket is not an option with the guy in there. I am also struggling to find used buckets that are not POS with 1M miles that have material handling capabilities and new is NOT an option..

I know we can go back with the digger and lift the shrouds, but considering we only have 1, I don't want to have to bring it back on site on day 2 to lift shrouds when it could be on a new site digging/setting poles. 

Any advise here on the best way to keep costs down/efficiency up? Any experience doing this/advise for used equipment we could purchase on the cheap to get this done? Also, has anyone ever heard of retrofitting an insulated bucket to add material handling? I have heard it isn't possible, but figured I'd ask here.


Thanks in advance,



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