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Jim Cole has passed away

Jim Cole, 59 year old Splicer, passed away from a heart attack at his home in Florida on August 30, 2019, according to his girlfriend he was unaware that he had any medical problems but he was a pack a day smoker.

Jim was known as an intelligent, high energy guy and a true Craftsman as a coax splicer as well as other trade skills that he engaged in over his lifetime.  His quality workmanship and consistently high production job performance was well respected and admired by his colleagues and clients throughout the industry.  He was truly the epitome of "old school" in his work ethic, industriousness, and go getter attitude.

While Jim's brash and opinionated side was often on display, I found through my years of friendship with him that he did in fact have a heart and often went out of his way to help people in need.

Jim will also be remembered as having a love for animals, he had a small farm in Michigan where he had horses and other critters, and he had traveled for many years with his Great Danes and his RV.

I don't know much about Jim's earlier years.... I think I met him on a splicing job in the late 90's or early 2000's in the Midwest.  He has had that same tan Chevy bucket truck the entire time I've known him.

Over the last few years I had the pleasure of working with Jim on the Hurricane work from Matthew, Irma, and Michael on projects with Knight, Cypress, B&A, SEU, and others.

Jim's passing has made me painfully aware of both how none of us know when that last breath is gonna come, and that we have a duty to encourage whoever we have in our lives to try to live healthier and to seriously consider their relationship or lack thereof with the Almighty....

RIP my friend.




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