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Re: Cheap china otdr

I have been working FTTH project for over 4 years. I use a light meter and a Red light.  I use the red light for continuity and the light meter for excessive loss.  Test at MST with light meter,  Say it's -18 ...  Test at the NID or ONT  should be -18 to -20 depending on length of drop. Most ONT's wont come up at -25 or worse.  If you don't have to worry about it past the MST Why worry about it. If its bad at MST pass it on and move on.  If it's good at MST and bad at ONT replace connectors or drop which ever is bad. OTDR's  aren't good for short distances unless you have a launch box.  So replace connectors or drop. Also look for kinks in fiber. Micro-bends will attenuate the light as well.  Keep on Workin..... 

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