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Re: Cheap china otdr

So the reason I'm asking is that I'm working in house now and the company that I work for doesn't want me to have one. I'm installing FTTP and running trouble tickets as well. They give us a light meter and a red light as well. Anything more involved we submit a helper ticket for the IR techs. I am off the opinion that knowing where the issue is would inform me if I need to replace a connector at this end or the other, have a bad drop, bad connection at the terminal or instead of reinstalling the entire job due to being uninformed, cut the fiber at the outside of the home where the drop exits the conduit and install a nid with a splice. In this instance I need to get the cheapest tool that will help me do the job without paying a fortune because perfect distance readings don't really matter as much. We are not allowed and do not correct anything between the terminal and the cross box or beyond and the company will not help on the funding whatsoever. 

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