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Re: Race to the bottom

The man that taught me to splice fiber Kelly Eisenhower and his brother Keith  . It follows Hwy 1 , I think the whole way. He also said it was harder and slower to get good splices than with  today's machines.. He told me the same price of  165 a burn.

There are too many trying to interpret the item description and no one is on the subs side. Im sure it wont be long before they find it harder and harder to find GOOD help. But I thought that years ago too. And there always seems someone willing to step and try it. Good help will only let you jerk them around so much and that's if they are making money. 

Another problem today is they want to put you on a schedule, and there are too many that can throw a wrench in your motor. Most jobs just aren't well enough managed to make production. Alot of it isn't the contractor fault. It is all the rules that have been put in place to hinder you instead of help you. Ex. You need to turn on a point to point for a business customer. It's 20 miles from the hub. You have no access in the hub to shoot it with a otdr. And no one will turn light on and off for you anymore, to verify fiber continuity. Its been several years since I did any of these.  But if you can't trust your in house fiber splicers or coordinators anywhere in your system ,then something seems wrong to me.

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