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Re: Race to the bottom

Back In 1981 my company did a fiber run from Pittsburgh to Baltimore along side of RRX for of the first cross country long hauls, many more followed.  Anyway I did the aerial portion, my buddy did the UG, job was broke up in 100 mile sections, you finished your section, you moved into the next section until the job was done, there were about 3-4 Prime Contractors like myself on the entire run.   We were getting labor only..$165 bucks per splice, of course the spacing on the splices were about 4 mile I'm hearing $20-$48 per splice.   Bring  back the good ole days, and we were bitching back then about the rate seeing how fiber was new to the industry and all equipment was basically on trail and error usage. Even rotary fiber splicing back then was better than todays rates.

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