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Re: Cheapo Fusion Machines

I think I've seen every clone during the storm projects in the last few years.  In my humble opinion there is something to be said for the companies that have been making splicers for 30+ years.

We've been using Fuji/Sumi/Corning exclusively, and have always had minimal rework.  In my experience that cant be said for the $500-$2000 ebay machines i.e. Orientek, Ilsentech & Signalfire.

I wouldn't consider any of the generics if you're doing production work, unless you enjoy re-entries for free addressing high loss. 

If its the difference between getting on a storm or strike project it might be worth the risk as you'll cover your investment in 2 or 3 days of work.

In my experience nothing beats the speed of a 70-S, or the Sumi Q101-M12 for Ribbon.  Any type of high count production work will cover these investments in short order with minimal rework (.5% defect rate at .30).

My 2 cents.


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