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Re: Cheapo Fusion Machines

My inno ifs 10 has been great. Its been back but they have taken care of me quite well.

I used one if the new view series some years back. They are BA. Faster than the ifs 10. Oven is really fast. But the price I saw put them close to the Fuji.

I know people with cornings, fujis, and fitels. They are all happy with their machines. The corning s go to Canada now to be serviced thr others are serviced in (Fuji ) S. Carolina or (fitels) alabama or GA and I've heard turnaround is super fast or possibly done while you wait. Texas for the inno. Service is key no matter which you have. Never owned a Fuji but thats what most use. I think Innos are a close 2nd around here. Saw a AT&T splicer with a inno it's 10  2 weeks ago.

Good luck

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