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Re: Old rates...same as today

Yes i agree it all starts at the top who ever owns the system. Make phone calls, emails to them get them out there and show them what it takes to do what they want you to do for next to nothing while they are getting there billion dollar a year salary. Hell even get the news media involved and have them watch you do what you do best and explain the company makes billions of dollars off of you. Yes every company needs to make a profit AND SO DO YOU NEED TO MAKE A PROFIT. There is a point when you can not afford to even get out of bed to even think about starting your truck cause of what it cost you to start your equipment. If every one would just stop and do absolutly nothing stop every thing and let them do the work them selves and hopefully they will see nothing is getting done and the prices might just might come up to modern day wages. Not the 1980's wages. If every body just stops and will not allow any cable to be done from other contractors just might the prices come up to modern day prices. Do like the union does ( STRIKE ) . Real easy to find out where the contractor lives at. This will work it every body in the industry just puts a stop to the low prices and sticks to it.

McDonalds and Wally mart is paying more than what you have a skill to do and McDonalds and Wally Mart you do not need any special skill except to push a start button on the fryer or say next. Hell Wally Mart they have self check out now. No need for employees. No employees more profit for them

You all read are a government slave. So your letting them big companys make you there slave. When are you going to say enough is enough the more you allow them to make you a slave the more they are going to lower the price of your skill and you still being there slave.

I know of 2 El Salvadorians they to hate spanish people because they say they bring the wages price of cable down. There is some what of a difference between El Salvadorians and Spanish not much. The 2 i know say they hate Spanish people cause they bring the wages down to next to nothing. They have been in so many arguments and fights because of it. As they say i can not afford to feed my self yet my kids. The 2 El Salvadorians are here legal have all there paper work and documents. They say it is because of the f ing illegals bringing the prices down they can no longer be a slave to these big companys.

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