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Re: Old rates...same as today

I agree that rates are extrmely low. I don't think it's Mastec & Dycom. It starts at the top, Comcast ,Spectrum, Cox ,whoever owns the system. Subbed from mastec for 7 years in three different states back in 1998. Made a damn good check every wk. for 7 yrs. splicing coax. Worked hard & got payed well. They are in biz to make money just like you & I . Always got my 10 % back too. I have been in catv for over 40 Yrs. & have nothing bad to say on Mastec. I am still a stock holder as a matter of fact! Still working just as hard as a solo operator doing pole transfers in the fl. heat. Can't find anyone reliable to work.   No, it doesn't pay as much as I would like, but the only days off are the ones I want . Been on this job for 5 yrs, done 5000 transfers by myself, probably have 2000 more hanging on the board to be done. They paid well when they were able to. Just hanging on for a couple more yrs. Heat almost put me down the other day. Don't splice anymore, tired of working nights. I have to work a little harder but I know I have a job till Idecide to hang it up. I feel for you guys on the road trying to make it work. Hope all works out & be safe. Traffic is worst than ever
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