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Re: Old rates...same as today

You are correct, Sad thing is these companies know that they will get some poor sucker to come in and work for Crap pay. And they also know that even though the work they get for crap pay, is shotty at best, they know that those lines will still be used and won't cost them a penny for having it lashed up other than cost of materials. The undocumented worker is just another number like the rest of us. It's "how cheap can we get them to do it" and then its how can best we screw them out of pay or retainer. Hell, at this rate I would rather do business with the MOB, at least I would know what I am paying them. The cost of rising insurances that these companies demand you have, along with the BS polution policy for aerial work is insane. Travel rates are no better with no PD. But again, there is always someone out there willing to take it and help these companies drive cheap rates down our throats.  Just my 1.5 cents. stay safe out there bros.

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