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Re: Old rates...same as today

When a large company buys up local business this is what happenes. They are a monopoly They contraol every thing. When you decide enough is enough then you will quit lowering your self to there demands, When you figure what you are worth and they dont go with what you think your worth then it is time to get out of the business and go into some other business. Mastec / Dycom is just like Wal Mart McDonalds they are a large company that buys out smaller mom and pop business and pushes them to the side and raises the prices and pays people like you pnuts. Wal Mart buys China shyt and sells it for top dollar to make a profit. I read a artical the hieres of Wal Mart bought a 60 million dollar painting just to put it in her bath room at Trump Towers. But they want professional work for pnuts. Do not lower your self worth if they do not like the price you have walk away get out of the business. Yes it is hard to do when thats all you have ever known. Do not lower your self worth. If they do not like your price you quote them walk off tell them f you. You are worth some thing not pnuts. Your time your equipment insurance gas and YES EVEN YOUR PROFIT JUST LIKE THEY HAVE TO HAVE MAKE A PROFIT. NOT KILL SOME ONE FOR LOW BALL ASSANINE PRICES BACK IN THE LATE 80'S. Mastec / Dycom will get some illegal with fake documentation to do the work. Thats what this country is coming to. Illegals doing the work for next to nothing. I hate to say it but they will do the work others wont do just to take Americas money and they live 10 to 40 people to a 3 bedroom home. 
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