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Frequently Asked Questions

Account Questions

How do I get an account and does it cost anything?
Accounts are free. Create one through Registration.
I had an account but forget the account name. How do I find out what it was?
Enter your email address on the Forgot Name reminder form.
Forgot my password to login?
Reset your password on the Forgot Password page.
I have an account but no longer have email access to get the password, or it's just been so long I'm lost?
Please contact Support and we'll reconnect you to your lost account.
Why isn't my name in the Member Directory?
To be included in the directory, you must have your real name in your Profile Settings settings, and allow the inclusion through Account Settings. Last name and at least a first initial are required. Fictitious names like "Mickey Mouse" will be excluded. If your name is actually "Mickey Mouse", please contact Support and we'll get it cleared for you.
How can I change my account name?
Members cannot do this directly themselves. Send a request for Support through messaging or email. Include the name exactly as you'd like it to be. You'll get an email response when the name has changed. The old name will no longer work for login so be sure the email on your account is correct.

Usage Questions

Why am I not getting email from the site?
  1. Check the Allow Email setting for your account under Account Settings. If you clicked an unsubscribe link in any mail from the site it will be turned off.
  2. Check your Spam folder (or "Junk Mail", or whatever it may be called in your app) for the mail. If you find it there, be sure to mark it Not Spam to help prevent future mail from being placed there.
  3. Whilelist CABL's mailer address. This can be done in GMail, for instance, simply by adding a Contact for CABL's mailer address:
Parts of a page seem to be missing. Why?
The ad blocker extension in your browser is removing it. By its nature, CABL has many ads. You want to see the ads but the blocker doesn't know that. Turn it off for CABL.

Job Seeker Questions

When I reply to a job listing, how will I be contacted back?
That's up to the person you contacted. They may use the CABL messaging system, reply directly to your email, or may even call if you provided a phone number (or have one listed in your account profile.) Enable New Message Notification in Manage Settings to get an email notice with every new private message.
How can I attach a résumé to my response?
CABL has provided a Résumé Builder to allow the creation and storage of résumés, which can then be attached to any ad that includes the Messaging option. They can also be downloaded as a PDF file and sent to anyone else. To prevent problems from viruses or malware and the like, outside file attachments aren't permitted through the site's messaging. Paid members have access to email addresses when included, and can attach files through their own email system.
Why isn't there a company name on the ad? How do I know who I'm replying to?
There may be a valid reason for someone to remain anonymous in their ad posting; maybe they don't want the people they work for to know they're short on help, or don't want to give their competition that info, or they're looking to replace a bad crew but don't want it to get out until they have another lined up. We can't know, and just because someone puts a name on any given ad doesn't guarantee it's real. It's always up to you to perform your own due diligence on any job prospect, for your own sake.

Ad Placement Questions

How do I get a receipt for an ad I purchased?
On the Account menu look for the Order History option. Click on any order listed and, in the detail that appears, click the Download Receipt button.
I paid for an ad but don't see it yet?
An ad won't appear immediately upon ordering. It takes a bit of time, up to an hour during business hours, before it's placed into the listings. An email is sent when this occurs with information about the completed order. Check the Order History page to see if the order has been completed.
I can't find my ads?
To locate your current ads at any time, on the Account menu look for the My Current Ads option.
Can I change an ad after it's been on the site?
Yes, look for the ad owner menu on the top-right of your ad page; one of the options is Edit.
Can I add pictures to my classified ad?
Yes, but not directly. Email the pictures along with your account name and the ad listing # (located at the bottom of your ad page) to the Support address.
How can I remove an ad when it's not needed anymore?
Look for the ad owner menu on the top-right of your ad page; one of the options is Remove. You will have to enter your account password to complete the removal.
I had an ad before and would like to re-run it. How can I do that?
  1. If the ad is active, look for the ad owner menu on the top-right; one of the options is Duplicate. A similar option is available for all active ads on My Current Ads.
  2. For current or expired ads, visit your Order History page. Click on the related order. In the detail that appears, click the Copy Ads button.
  3. When creating a new ad through the Create a Job Ad or Classified Ad form, look for the blue text after the instructions titled Copy an Ad. Click the Lookup button then select a prior ad to prefill the form.
I purchased a membership with ad credits but it still charges me for an ad. What gives?
You choose when to use the credit; it isn't automatically applied. While on the Order Checkout page, scroll down a bit to the section labeled Available Credits. Check the box next to a credit when you'd like to use it on your order. Only active credits are shown. If your membership offers monthly credits, for instance, only the credit for that month will be displayed and more credits will appear the next month, etc.

Other Questions

None of these answers apply to my problem. What should I do?