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Drop Bury Crews Needed

Independent Contractor


Southern Virginia


October 18, 2021


Competitive per foot prices will be paid weekly


The people applying for these positions need to have 2 years experience working on a drop bury crew or leading a drop bury crew. He/she must have a valid VA or NC driver's license and must have their own trucks, plows, and tools.

Other Requirements

Insurance is required so be sure yours is current and you have a COI ready to send us. Your truck and trailer needs to be clean and looking good at all times. You will have to speak to a customer occasionally so be prepared for those times by looking as good as possible and acting in a professional manner.

Job Description

We have 75+ drops to bury weekly and that number will be consistent for the next 2-3 years. The most productive crews will receive the most drops to bury. Getting locates, burying a drop, and leaving each location in as good as, or better shape than you found it is very important. There will be bores to complete when burying drops so be prepared. The boring includes pulling back a 1.25" HDPE conduit and it pays well. Each drop bury address will be staked when you arrive and you'll bury the drop along the marked route.


Leave your name and your contact number at (336)459-6756 and someone will be back with you shortly.

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About Us

We've been in business for 20+ years working as a prime contractor in NC, VA, SC, and GA. OSP construction is what we do but we will bury drops from time to time. The project we need help on is the first one in 3-4 years where we were asked to bury drops and we obliged. This project is supposed to last 3-4 years and we plan to continue working there on maintenance & BAU work after the mainline construction ends. And there are always drops to bury.

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