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Fiber I&R Technicians

Contract Employee




Immediate Opening/Start




Fiber I&R experience, cable TV installation, CATV, Coax, fiber drops, ONT and routers. Telco company experience.

Other Requirements

Need light meter and light source for fault detection. Truck with ladder rack and 28" ladder

Job Description

Install or repair Telecommunication service at customer's premises that includes Telephone, Internet and Video services. Install, replace, rearrange fiber jumpers and outside/inside wiring. Make various attachments to poles and buildings. Mounting of an ONT, power supply and battery backup. Includes the installation of internet hubs, routers, set top boxes and configuring computers. Work my require climbing poles and/or ladders, crawling under dwellings & in attics underground activities and fishing walls. Installing Coax and CAT5 wiring.

Tech Skill Requirements:

Experience in telephone service
Experience in CATV installations.
Knowledge of Coax cable sizes and types.
Experience with test sets
Experience routers and home networking.
Technical understanding of loss, attenuation, and tiling.
Working within attics and crawl spaces.
Computer skills


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