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Contract Employee


Los Angeles




StraightTime $42.00 OT $63.00 DoubleTime $84.00 Truck&Tools per week $800.00 Perdiem a day $120


Experienced Fiber Technicians

Job Description

Don’t miss out on this chance to join the FIBER EXPANSION TEAM to work on Frontier’s rapidly growing Fiber build out in Southern California. We’re recruiting Experienced Fiber I&R techs to begin immediately. The start date is October 11th to help support Frontier’s Fiber expansion throughout the greater Los Angeles area. All I&R Technicians are guaranteed 60 hrs, per diem & extra compensation for using your own truck and tools. We’re Also, paying for mobilization and demobilization. All positions are W2 employees. See below for available positions and rates:

Copper I&R- 20 Techs
Fiber I&R- 115 Techs

Please ensure that you have all tools, PPE, meters, and ladders required to be able to complete work orders. If you are interested in applying. Please send me your resume and respond through messenger or email me to begin the onboarding process. Please, also confirm the date you are available to be in market. These positions will be filling up pretty quickly. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact me.

Thank you,

Christopher Valdez
CreatiVizion Inc.


Direct Line: 832-757-3110
Main Line: 832-219-4827

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About Us

We’ve been working in the Telecommunications Industry for over 13 years Now, offering services for Major Telecom Corporations such as AT&T, Centurylink, Frontier, Windstream, Verizon & Consolidated. In Today's Technology we strive to provide reliable communication to all of our customers, no matter where your located. Whether, you live in the Metro or Rural area. It's a necessity, that every one stays connected. Especially, facing a Virtual World in this New Age Pandemic.

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