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Traveling, experienced HughesNet tech

Independent Contractor







Company credit card for fuel and hotel, once a month round trip ticket home and back to work area. 4 weeks on and then one or two weeks off. Installs and reinstalls pay $100. Repairs, upgrades, and deinstalls pay $60.


Must have experience. All FSOs will be QC to Hughes specs- any unclear pictures of a QC will have to be retaken. Falsifying pictures or documents will get you dismissed and forfeit any pay. You must have a truck or van, but a van is best. You must pass a background check. I am investing a lot of money into someone, so you get one chance- falsifying documents and fake pictures will not be tolerated. If you have honor and integrity, you, Bull's Eye, RS&I and Hughes Net should make great money.

Other Requirements

Truck, tools, phone, and the means to feed yourself until your first paycheck, which is 2 to 3 weeks out. If you don't know what you need, this is not for you. You must know Hughes and want to be the best at doing the job correctly. If you do not pride yourself on being the best, I just ask you to not apply. You will be required to put up yard signs that we supply with your own 800 number. You get a commission for the sale and the install. Normally this will be around $300 to $350 per sale.

Job Description

Hughes install fulfillment and some sales. Looking at the area, if the tech gets out there and hustles, install 3 signs for every FSO I would think 10 to 25% of the installs to be in-house. Your 800 is direct to the on-call center and sold for you. Boosters- there are techs out there selling 10 to 20 every month. Here is the good part: you are not required to sell anything. You are required to hang signs.


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About Us

Bull's Eye Satellite has been doing business for 20 plus years, most of that with HughesNet. Honest techs never have to worry about their pay. It's paid every week. You can call RS&I and HughesNet for reference. They know me.
Every tech I have gives 100% in doing the job correctly. The techs will get upset when they must follow a hack, knowing that someone gave HughesNet a lousy name. All my techs have been with me for five years or more. They have helped Bull's Eye build an excellent reputation, and they would not be happy with me if I let someone come in and destroy that name. Bull's Eye has a saying, and you will hear me say it all the time, "Better Than Excellent". I have been called arrogant by many people, but the men and from time to time the women who have worked for me would say we will try to live up to that motto.

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