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West Seattle


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We are looking for Contractors and Inhouse crews. We have work scheduled all the way through 2024

Job Description

Coax Splicers -

Northern California and Washington State
Read and interpret work orders, specifications, engineering drawings, and /or cut sheets to
Install all passive and active devices, pedestals, and vaults and coax splice cases required to house
Test Coax-RF lines for balanced signal between points-continuity and fault.
Read and understand site plans, maps, diagrams, designs, and prints needed to support projects.
Optimize new Nodes and splice in node splits to reduce capacity.
Utilize RF Meters and TDR accurately.
Ability to safely utilize bucket trucks or climb poles to place cables on poles per system design.
Close a project by completing production sheets, verifying proper levels after activation, and adjust
Ensure that all work considers the safety of the customer and general public and compliance with
Ensure proper safety techniques and incident reporting procedures are followed.

Fiber Splicers -

Northern California and Washington State
Prep, Dress, Store fiber optic cabling to specifications and assemble equipment according to
Perform fiber optic splicing as well as understand engineering and splicing drawings.
Read, interpret and understand fiber matrix, plant design files and complete required
Prep of armored/unarmored cables, ribbon and loose tube fiber, mid-sheaths.
Installation and re-enter of various enclosure types, patch panel, muxs e.g. (WDM / CWDM /
Installation and dressing of fiber optic cables (vertical/horizontal).
Perform splicing and testing on aerial activation, and troubleshoot fiber links after installation, and
Hanging and securing of enclosures and storage loops in aerial/ underground locations.
Maintain proper inventory of vehicle-based on work assignments.
Operate vehicle and bucket lift safely, following all safety and traffic regulations.
Prepare paperwork to track daily production, and accurately record completed work on job site
Other responsibilities as directed by Supervision

Aerial Construction -

Washington State and Northern California
Crews shall be familiar with all day-to-day activities of aerial construction
Must exhibit and uphold all safety values and keep worksite safe
Crews must have a good working knowledge of all aspects of telecommunications aerial
Simple and Complex Transfers
Strand placement,
Cable (fiber or coax) placement,
Must understand and uphold NESC and GO95 (in California) code as well as all local and pole
Individuals must be able to read prints and have knowledge of the aerial process
Responsible for safe operation of all aerial bucket trucks and equipment
Directional Drilling - Washington State and Northern California
Crews needed to drill and pull back up to (2) 2"
Must have own equipment
Must be experienced in placing vaults and small trenches

Fiber/Coax MDU fielders (walkout) -
Washington State and Northern California
Experience preferred but not required
Job duties include:
Starting at 7am,
Mapping our 1-2 addresses for the day
Fielding and documenting the pathway from the splice case to the MDU
Building a complete field packet including a proposed path redline
Fielder needs:
Valid Drivers License
reliable transportation
Laptop (not a Mac)


PST 8am-4pm M-F
(206) 657-6299

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Who We Are
Corporate office in Seattle, we have clients nationwide including Northern California & Texas. We specialize in services ranging from engineering and design, aerial, underground construction to MDU, coaxial/fiber splicing and testing. Our mission is to be the leading utility contractor to uphold a long lasting business relationship with customers to consumers. Our executive team is built on dedication, integrity and hard work. Our goal is to deliver excellent workmanship, customer service and above all excel in safety.

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