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Permitting Administrative Specialist

Full-time Employee






Butler Telecom is looking for a permitting administrator. The successful permitter will have excellent skills with both Excel and creating/editing PDF documents. The permitting admin must have great attention to detail, communication skills, be a self-starter and be able to manage and track their workload effectively and efficiently.

Job Description

Engage with permitting authorities to determine permitting requirements and points of contact.
Work with KMZ files through google earth, including marking up lat/long locations to be permitted.
Work with both internal and external engineering departments to collect all the required information for permitting.
Compile data and documents from multiple sources into a single PDF permit application package.
Track the submissions of the permit application packages, following up on progress where applicable and seeing each application through to approval.
Communicate any changes and requirements that may apply during the permitting process to the relevant teams as needed by the permitting authority.

The position is part time to full time as needed, and will pay units based on work completed. Hourly may be applicable in certain circumstances per the permitting admin supervisor.


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