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Internet Installs, FTTH and I&R Techs Great Rates

Independent Contractor


Mattoon & Charleston

New York

Chathem & Westfield


Bentleyville & Pittsburgh


As soon as possible


We have hourly rates & Piece rate positions. Each position has their own rate. Techs make on average 2000k to 4000k weekly/full-time/long term contract/working along side great people that respect and support each other.


• Problem solving and trouble shooting ability • Direct customer facing work/Accountability/dependability • Understanding & knowledge of ILEC, CLEC and FTTH services with Telecom installations, maintenance and repair

Other Requirements

1. Work Truck 2. Laptop 3. 28Ft Ladder 4. All Safety Equipment 5. Buttset 6. Copper pro or HST 3000 or better 7. Wire Wrapping Tool 8. Scotch Lock Crimpers 9. Voltage Detector Not all positions require meters and some other tools of the trade.

Job Description

1. Internet & FTTH Techs should be filled by experienced service technicians that can perform installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of high-speed Internet, video and voice networks including associated wiring and equipment. Additionally, maintaining and repairing outside plant facilities within assigned geographic service areas. Internet experience or broadband support needed. Every else is a plus.

2. I&R - Techs must have a good working knowledge of POTS and DSL as they pertain to plant ( CO LEN to Dmarc). Be able to troubleshoot and repair copper plant. . (Cable TV experience would be nice but no necessary) Outside plant-would need to be more technical in the areas of DSL (provisioning modems), Ethernet, IP addressing, be able to quickly learn how to provision Adtran devices and be able to test 50M, 100M, 200M, 500M and 1G Internet circuits. (Cable TV a plus)

I&R CLEC Positions
Note: Pittsburgh area
Ability to install and troubleshoot traditional POTS phone lines
Familiarity with Ethernet cabling
Installation and troubleshooting of TDM T1 data & PRI circuits
Troubleshooting T1 circuits over Verizon fiber
Assistion on VOIP installs
Assisting Verizon on fiber conversions. Liaison between customer and Verizon.
Connecting inside wiring to Verizon ONT.
Work with project managers on customer related issues and solutions.


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