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Need Aerial Fiber Placement Crews in Washington

Contractor: Corp-to-Corp


Bothell, Kenmore, Kennewick and throughout the state


As soon as we can get you vetted, onboarded and inspect your equipment.


Paid per code, bill for everything you do. Pay is Net 12, So paid out quickly. Email or call for Rates.


Required to have bucket trucks with insulated booms, proper safety equipment and all tools required to do the job safely, efficiently and the right way the first time. Some climbing will be necessary but very minimally. I Must state again you have to be fully equipped with all tools, gear and safety equipment to do everything required with aerial construction safely and efficiently. Must be fully competent in industry standards and safe aerial fiber construction practices.

Other Requirements

Must be willing to follow all safety protocols, procedures and policies as well as those of our customer.

Job Description

We are responsible for the Aerial Placement, Fiber Pulling, Boring and Splicing on the jobs that we accept. There is an unlimited amount of work, but crews that we grow to count on and take pride in their work, getting the job done right the first time will always be routed first. On the Aerial side it is mostly overlash and there are minimal issues and obstacles. All materials and consumables are provided or reimbursed. Looking for crews that can start immediately and take pride in their work.


Jill Huskins

Joshua Washburn

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About Us

We have a three year project running through Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.
Southern Tier Telecommunications Is the ONLY solution needed when it comes to your wireless, OSP and fulfillment needs. We are one of the few turn key companies that gives their customer one option for all of their skill and manpower needs on any project. A true leader in the Telecommunications Industry. STT offers crews and manpower for Fiber / Coax Placement, Pulling, Splicing as well as L&A, Design, Civil and erecting of Cell Towers and Small Cell builds, PIM Testing, Hunting Hygiene and Maintenance, Site Master Sweep and Node Certification, Commercial Wireless Design. We also have access to hundreds of crews for storms, emergencies, disaster relief and rebuilding. As the Telecommunications / Telcom Industries continues to grow, expand and surge, STT continues to create innovative and cost saving strategies for clients in every marketplace where we provide services. We continue to exceed client expectations by driving down costs, effective communication and ensuring our crews work in a healthy and safe environment. What makes STT unique in the industry is our ability to adjust, move quickly and relieve any heartburn our customer has. We 100% put our customers needs and requests first and never turn down any task regardless of how big or small. We are also a Certified Woman owned Company.

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