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Splicing Subs 5 year Project - NH/VT

Independent Contractor

New Hampshire



Immediate availability for splicing crews. Telco fiber placement [mostly overlash]. Aggressive schedules, no delays and all of the work you can handle.


Extremely competitive pay, fast and dependable BS.


Must be fully equipped and insured.

Job Description

Long term project. 2000 - 2500 miles per year [additional miles available]. Constructing FTTH fiber, Tyco cases and Corning snaps. All fiber counts are ribbon except for 12ct [which is loose tube]. Butt splices [and backbone ring cuts] are long tails for ground splicing, snaps are done in the air [10' coils at pole]. Project utilizes field cabinets [FDH's] for patching/splitters [so no splitters in snaps/closures].

Bi-directional testing from FDH to CO, uni-directional testing from FDH out to snaps and port verifications.

If you're looking for a project to build your company and fatten your bottom line, call today!


email: or call Mike at (802) 272-0051

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