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sweep techs. needed

Independent Contractor


Lafayette, LA ,west


started 3 weeks ago, problems, questions of billing, parts available, paper work resolved


contact us for prices sow and contract


Must be a qualified sweep tech, capable of Balancing RX and TX. Storing a reference and repairing the system or reporting problems as you progress to EOL.

Other Requirements

Sweep Meters SDA 5000 or DSAM 6300, coring tools necessary to repair various cable sizes, voltmeter, necessary hand tools to take apart/ put together equipment and connectors.

Job Description

Sweep / Cert, and Noise suppression Balance, Reference and maintain system reference by finding and fixing what can be fixed or identifying and reporting what cant be fixed. Some of theses systems are 450 mhz., some are stretched 450 mhz., some 750 mhz.


Text 315 439 3606

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