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Project Manager 1

Contract Employee


I-76 and I-476 From Harrisburg to Allentown


On or about 5/18/21.


Pay commensurate with experience, knowledge, and qualifications. Salaried position with bonuses on job performance/maintaining profitability


Minimum of 10 years experience in Underground and Aerial Fiber Networking. We require a strong background of safety requirement(s) knowledge in our industry. Strong interpersonal and computer skills required. Knowledge of boring, micro trenching, plowing a plus along with aerial pole placements. Must be a high energy individual with excellent communication skills. Ability to manage P & L's provided by employer.

Other Requirements

Prefer PA applicants for this job. Selected on site PM must be in market 5 days a week with the exception of holidays

Job Description

Project Manger 1 will be in charge of project and delegate scheduling, material ordering, and meeting dead lines regularly. This includes instructing aerial/ underground/ optical splice, and QC managers daily. We are building an information highway network. Daily communication with customer(s) is required. Construction activities will be placement of 1000 poles for attachment of strand and fiber, 45 miles of directional boring, 122 miles of micro trenching, 2400 hand hole placements, and about 96000 splice locations.


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