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Full-time Employee


Coeur d'Alene




Compensation range: $18 - $20

Job Description

Groundman is an entry level position in the line of progression for Lineman. The Groundman performs various manual labor type tasks at the work site to assist crew members such as loading and unloading supplies and materials, cutting brush, digging ditches and assisting in preparing materials for the Lineman to install.

Job Responsibilities (Including, but not limited to):
• Assists Lineman in loading, unloading, layout and preparing tools/supplies/equipment/materials needed at each job site
• Performs manual labor type tasks as directed by the Lineman, Foreman, or Supervisor such as cleaning truck, digging ditches, tamping, cutting brush and moving materials
• Handles physically demanding construction duties
• Drives a company provided vehicle from the yard to the jobsite and back.
• Performs other duties as assigned
Required Skills & Qualifications:
• High school diploma or equivalent
• Background in construction or related work environments
• Valid driver's license, Class A preferred
• Takes direction from supervisors, works well with others in a team environment.
• Communicates clearly using radios, verbal, and hand signal communication.
• Identifies unsafe conditions and takes appropriate action
Desired Skills & Qualifications:
• Must be able and willing to work outdoors and in inclement weather conditions
• Must be able to lift and carry materials of all shapes and sizes, weighing 40 to 90 pounds
• Must be able to maintain visual and audible contact with other crewman and all moving or stationary persons/vehicles/objects to ensure safe coordination of movement
• Must be able to safely operate company vehicles or workaround heavy equipment and machinery
• Must be able to stand or walk for long periods of time
• Must be able to stoop, kneel, crouch and crawl while performing work
• Must be able to ascend and descend ladders
• Must be able to work in small/confined areas
• Must be able to work while wearing safety boots, safety glasses, hardhat, and any applicable safety gear



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HHS Construction LLC., a Congruex Company. Founded in 2003, HHS Construction is a leading provider of infrastructure services to major telecommunications and cable providers primarily in Southern California, and adjacent geographies. HHS Construction’s core capabilities include aerial, underground and substructure self-perform construction; ISP services; wireless services including Small Cell/CRAN installation, utility coordination, turn-key RF testing and maintenance; telecom engineering; placement and splicing of copper, coaxial and fiber optic cables; and pole maintenance. HHS Construction is headquartered in Ontario, California.

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