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Experienced Cable Technicians

Independent Contractor


Port St. Joe, Panama City and surrounding areas.


Chanhassen, Mound and surrounding areas.




We pay $2.80 per point. We do pay weekly. And offer direct deposit.


Experienced Cable Technicians.

Other Requirements

You would need to provide your own vehicle. Van or truck. 28' foot ladder, cable signal meter and tools. Drill, stripper, crimper, cutters and security tools. If you need help with some of these requirements we are will to help.

Job Description

This job requires being able to run aerial and underground cable line from Pole or pedestal to house. With house box plus proper grounding. Running lines on house, basement or crawl space to equipment. No wallfishing required. Being able to set up cable boxes, phone, internet and WiFi. We set up TiVo equipment for TV in this system with a MoCA connection.


Gino Quinones 260-431-6391
Josh Buchanan 260-446-1939

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