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Commercial Field Survey Person

Independent Contractor


Central Illinois


Work available


Piece rate


Need to have the ability to read prints and understand basic aerial and underground construction practices. Understanding of aerial clearance as well as basic boring practices are a must. You'd need to be able to see how it would be best to get cable/fiber to a building.

Other Requirements

Must have a dependable vehicle, work comp and GL insurances. A measuring wheel, a manhole hook and a camera.

Job Description

We're looking for help performing field surveys for potential commercial customers. This would entail making contact, visiting the site and establishing the best means of building to the potential customer. Need a basic understanding of property line, ROW, permits needed as well as aerial clearance issues and underground practices.

You would be visiting the location, getting measurements and specific instructions from the site contact. Then turning in a drawing showing what needs done. Ideally there is an excel workbook that needs completed that would pay in addition to the walk out.



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