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Full-time Employee


Location will be discussed once and if a candidate has been selected.


Location will be discussed once and if a candidate has been selected.


The start date will be approximately 3-5 weeks from today's date. We already have techs working on current contract(s).An exact start date, and other details will be discussed once a candidate is selected.


Pay will be discussed/offered with selected candidates. Once selected, and a formal offer letter will be sent out. The offer will be a mix of hourly, per diem, Alaska to have furnished housing, and end of year bonus at both locations.


Minimum 5 years of experience required specifically in FTTH Install/Cutover, or 5 years experience in copper I&R plus 3 years Fiber splicing minimum. Selected candidates will be asked a base list of questions upon interview to determine a candidates basic knowledge. A detailed resume with 3 verifiable business and 2 personal references must be emailed to be considered. Business references shall be selected by candidates that have knowledge of the candidate's experience specifically.

Other Requirements

Basic hand tools needed for FTTH Install/Cutover.(Basic copper I&R tools, along with ftth installer tools. A complete list will be supplied once selected as a candidate, and accompanied with offer letter. Also, in addition the selected candidate may have to submit to company drug & alcohol policies including pre-employment testing. Selected candidates may have to pass the following: background check, up to & including criminal, dmv, and financial. No Felons.

Job Description

FTTH install/cutover duties may include the following specific duties, and may include other duties as well, or may change over time, contract pending.

Install of ont's, giga centers, prepping drops at the clamshell, prepping inside fiber cable/inside wire, prepping/splicing 250/125 fiber, install faceplates, install Cat5/6 to back feed pots lines, install 101B's, tagging and toning customer iw's, labeling telco/customer equipment, take power readings, send red lights, read and interpret otdr readings, rewire punch down blocks, remove copper inside wire/jacks, remove & install aerial/underground copper/fiber drops, run fiber jumpers in pon/cross-connects, document installs/cutover, complete time sheets and other company paperwork, work with local telecom employees, stock vehicle with materials, clean vehicles/equipment, etc.

Use of pole climbing, ladders, bucket trucks, with occasional use of mini excavator, backhoe, trencher/plow etc., may be needed in Alaska.

Use of mini excavator, vac truck, trencher/plow, etc may be also be needed in Idaho. Idaho will have a little more underground placement involved with getting conduits to building, possibly setting occasional hand hole, pulling cable, etc. . Also, Idaho will have more opportunity for inside building wiring on specific jobs. There may also be the opportunity for main line splicing of fiber optic cables, installing enclosures, etc.

Selected candidate(s) may be initially placed with a Sr. Technician/Working Foreman for a short duration, 1-10 days DOE, or may continue to work with for duration of contract. May also become Sr. Technician of crew.
We are not looking for apprentices at this time, Journeyman Techs only. There will be a 6 month Probation Period. If it is determined a candidate is not able to perform to the desired proficiency needed by either the company or client, the employee will be released of his/her duty with this company, and may be at any time at direction of client.

We are going to be working 6-10's(six days a week, 10hours days) minimum in the Alaska market. We will be working variable hours from 40 -60 hours per week in the Idaho market.

An employee will work 4-12 weeks on shift(working in Alaska) and 2 weeks off shift(personal time off). We have to maintain a 2 men crews, and so we rotate bodies, utilizing an alternate employee. A good portion of the time, time off comes at the end of a project, whether its 4 to 12 weeks. We try to remain flexible if an employee needs more time off, less time off, etc. In the end though, we have to maintain a full 2 man crew as needed by clients.

This has been the Norm for the past. The days/hours worked is always subject to change depending upon clients need, and not guaranteed, and may change through time, or projects at clients request.


Please send resume with references to .
Selected candidate(s) will be contacted by email, to set appointment for over the phone interview & knowledge test, and to complete and sign authorization forms for background searches of selected candidates.

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