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Field Data Collection (Part-Time)

Independent Contractor


Denver surrounding areas






Minimum 10 Years field data collecting/engineering experience in the Telecommunications field. Must be versed in aerial and underground. Knowledge of NESC.

Other Requirements

Must have own tools: Distance measuring wheel, DMI (not required but helpful on large projects), Hastings measuring stick, Utility pole pull finder, GPS devise (phone is okay), Camera (phone is okay), access to locator (for locating depths of existing utilities), PPE, and any other tools not listed that may be used for field data collection.

Job Description

Compass Ridge Ltd. OSP/ISP field data collection for a route Includes but not limited to: Customer Premise Site Walks, Site Survey (Right of Way, Easements, Municipalities, DOT, Railroad, Power, Gas, Pole Attachments, Railroad Crossings, Locating, Measuring, Photos), Pole Line Design (strand, poles, cables, guying, anchoring, support), Specialized Permit Assessments, Construction Review/Meet in the Field (one trip)
This price will include two site visits (if needed and not due to the fault of the fielder) as well as mileage, lodging, and per diem. The fielder will be compensated on an hourly basis if more than two site visits are needed (site visits that are not due to the fault of the fielder will be compensated on an hourly basis). It is important that the fielder collects the correct and accurate field data on their first trip to avoid multiple site visits due to data missed by the fielder. All unnecessary site visits that are the fault of the fielder will be completed at the expense of the fielder.


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