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Work Stoppage FL Market I&R Fiber Technicians

Independent Contractor


Tampa, Florida, and surrounding counties


Mid April


Hourly/Truck & Tools/Per diem


Valid Driver License, physically fit to perform job (ability to lift 70 lbs, perceive difference in wire color, be able to work shifts, days, nights, evenings, work overtime, and emergency call outs.

Other Requirements

Van/Truck/SUV/Tools/Rack/Ladder/Android device/PPE/understanding basic electricity/electronics

Job Description

Job Duties:
• Follows established safety practices and procedures.
• Must perform telephone installation and repair, meeting quality standards and Company practices.
• Must be able to install and repair subscriber carrier, xDSL, key systems, meeting quality standards and Company practices.
• Must be able to perform basic splicing and basic cable maintenance. Working knowledge of cable and cable terminals.
• Must be able to obtain a DOT driver’s license (if required).
• Must be able to work when needed and in all types of weather.
• Must inter act with work forces to coordinate and disseminate information to complete job assignments and with other sections to attain Company service objectives.
• Must maintain a professional image.
• Must support and participate in promotion of Company products.
• Must be able to work at heights.
• Must be physically able to perform duties of the job to include:
• Lifting tools and ladders.
• Set up ladder on house, pole and cable and climb to working height.
• Climbing poles utilizing climbing hooks and also ladders (must certify during probation period) to cable working heights.
• Work in confined spaces.
• Handle all necessary materials and supplies.
• Must be able to use a computer (laptop) show that you can log on, log off, use windows, and get job assignments, sign off jobs, write/send/receive e-mails as required, and do timesheets using Company provided programs with Company provided training by the end of the qualifying period.
• Must be able to work under pressure, handle stress and follow directions.
• Attend and pass training schools as assigned by the Company
• Must perform any other duties assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:
• Must have a valid driver’s license.
• Must be physically fit to perform job (must be able to lift 70 lbs.).
• Must be able to work in various weather and terrain conditions without reasonable accommodation.
• Must be able to perceive differences in wire and cable colors.
• Must have good oral and written communications skills.
• Must have an understanding of basic electricity/electronics shown by passing a Company basic electricity test (passing grade of 70) or acceptable certificate from an outside agency.
• Must be able to work shifts, days, nights, evenings (depending on tour selection) and work overtime and emergency call outs.
• Must be able to obtain DOT license (if required) by the end of the qualifying period.
• Basic PC literacy in Windows based applications. Must demonstrate computer skills by passing Frontier’s basic computer test and pass a typing test with a corrected typing speed of at least 10 words per minute.

Preferred Training/Certifications & Education:
• High school diploma or equivalent.
• Fully trained to perform I&R functions including DSL
• Fully trained to perform cable and fiber splicing and trouble running functions.
• Familiar with digital carrier and data communications.
• A+ Certification; Network Plus Certification
• Electronics training/Certifications


Call Mercedes 703-618-6866/Twila 719-229-7811

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