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Work Stoppage (Frontier)-FL Market

Independent Contractor


Surrounding Counties


Mid April


Hourly/Truck & Tools/Per diem


Valid Driver License, physically fit to perform job (ability to lift 70 lbs, perceive difference in wire color, be able to work shifts, days, nights, evenings, work overtime, and emergency call outs.

Other Requirements

an/Truck/SUV/Tools/Android Device/PPE/understanding basic electricity/electronics

Job Description

Triage is preparing for the upcoming FL work stoppage that could occur Mid April 2021. We are seeking candidates with the following skills: 1. Copper I&R. 2 Fiber I&R 3.Supervisors 4. Copper Splicers 5. Fiber Splicers.

Once you confirm you are interested in working the event, we will email you the rates. To be added to our roster, you must provide the following,
Corp & Cris ID:
First Name:
Last Name:
Name as it appears on DL:
State DL issued in:
Last 4 of SS #:
Cell number:
Type of Android Device:
Work Truck/Van/or SUV:
Hand Tools:
Test Equipment:
Email address:
Skill set you will be working for stoppage:
Were you previously badged with Frontier? If yes what happened to the last badge?
Need a head shot of tech for a badge. No hats, sunglasses. Picture must be from shoulders up with white background.


Mercedes 703-618-6866/Twila 719-229-7811

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