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MST Fiber Aerial Drop (FIAT) Installs - ASAP

Contractor: Corp-to-Corp




Crew can start immediately or as soon as they can get on site.


Per drop pricing


Must own a 45’ bucket truck, hand tools, safety PPE and current driver’s license. Must have a light meter to check light levels once installed. 10-13 installs per day. Can/may work weekends. Easy work and very lucrative!

Other Requirements

Hang the FIAT at the pole, run cable to the termination pole or enclosure. Check for light between the FIAT and the end of the cable which can be done before installation. Light meter is a basic available thru Amazon for around $35.00. Each contractor must provide his own safety equipment, vest, hard hats, traffic signs warning motorist of your activity, Strobe lights are recommended. No additional pay for bucket truck use. Must be a two-man crew per team.

Job Description

Attach the MST Aerial Drop (FIAT) to the pole or if told to strand and place a "J" hook on the pole, place the fiber cable in a "P" clamp and attach to the "J" hook. Drop may have to extend to another pole where the termination point is located, no lashing required. Usually, all FIAT’s are to be attached to the pole, recommend a battery-operated drill with bits. No Splicing involved, just coil the fiber at the terminating pole below the strand on a "J" hook. The light meter will be used after the installation to check continuity between the FIAT and the terminating end. After good light testing, will need to take picture of good reading with the number of the IF port from our photo app. Work at your own pace, pay is based on the total number of installations per day. Those working this install are averaging 10 to 13 installs per day.


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