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Drop/Direct Bury - Minnesota - Lots of Work!

Contractor: Corp-to-Corp


Northwest of TC / Duluth Region






Bury service lines at 9-12” depth with hand trenching/drop plows. Read and understand existing underground facility locates. Restore job site to the original condition. We have plenty of work.

Other Requirements

Good safety record, W9, State and local licensing requirements, Certificate of Insurance (COI) General Liability, Umbrella.

Job Description

10 - Drop Bury Crews grow in a strong market


Call/Text: 701-351-9424

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About Us

Our Current Needs:
Drop Bury Work
1-Field Construction Supervisor - Eau Claire, WI
2-Field Construction Supervisor - Twin Cities, MN
1-Field Construction Supervisor - Omaha, NE

Tucson, AZ
2-Aerial and UG BAU sub crews
2-Drop bury crews: inhouse or sub

3-Coax Installer - Forest Lake, MN
2-FTTH Installer - Owatonna, MN
3-Coax Installer - Medford, OR

Topeka, KS
2-Aerial and UG BAU crews
1-Coax splicer Subcontractors or In-House
1-Construction Manager
5-Cable Installation Technicians

Omaha, NE
5-Drop Bury BAU Crews
5-Cable Installation Technicians 1099

SW Kansas - 2-I&R Technicians
Eugene/Cottage Grove, OR - 2-Aerial and UG
Rochester, MN - 2-FTTH Technician

listed • expires
job listing #94080 • tiny link