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Security System Installation for Middle Schools

Independent Contractor




April-May 2021


A Licence in the security system installation is a plus but not required. A well versed experience is enough.

Job Description

Security System Installation for Middle Schools and High Schools

The work consists of the Electronic security systems install to provide a high level of flexibility that allows for integration with existing camera and card access systems at local Middle Schools and High Schools.
Ability to do the work while the existing building security system remains operational during the installation of the new system.
The scope of work will include the removal of previously existing security system devices and components to include motion detectors, swivel brackets, sirens, power supplies and panels.
Contractor shall patch any wall or ceiling penetrations and provide a cover plate for any outlet boxes where devices or components have been removed.
Control panels shall have the program chip removed and returned to the customer.
The AES Radio/IP Backup Communication Subscriber Unit will be provided and programmed by the customer.
Ability to perform any required network wiring drops.
Familiarity with Napco Gem series control panels and related equipment is a plus but not required

All powered detection devices shall be powered by an auxiliary power supply. Auxiliary power supplies and related battery cabinets shall be mounted in a locked cabinet keyed the same as the control panel. Auxiliary power supplies shall provide separate loss of power and low battery signals to the control unit.

All wiring is to be concealed and installed above ceiling utilizing current structured wiring standards and methods. When wiring must be installed below ceiling tiles it shall be installed in metallic conduit. If conduit will be visible in occupied areas conduit shall be metallic Wiremold. All wiring to be compliant with applicable sections of current edition of National Electrical Code (NFPA 80)

All school Security system motion detection devices shall be wired via “home run” wiring with each device on a separate zone terminated by an end of line supervisory resistor installed in the device. Door contacts for multiple doors at a single entry may be series wired with end of line supervision at furthest door. All motion detector devices shall be dual-technology type combination PIR and microwave to minimize false alarms. All motion detectors shall be sealed with a flexible sealant to prevent insects from entering devices.

NOTE: A Licence in the security system installation is a plus but not required.


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