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Micro Duct Plow Work

Independent Contractor


Greater Nashville




Plow 2 ducts $2.25 / 4 ducts $2.75 / 5 or more ducts $4.50 (RARE) Driveway bores $4.00 (NO ROAD BORES) - Payout NET 14 after first week production.


Drop bury experience a plus. Underground construction experience even better.

Other Requirements

All equipment and tools to place product. GL and WC policy required. DW 410 plow or equivalent.

Job Description

Placing micro ducts with tracer wire at 8” depth. Imperative that crews are able to manage the work street site, plow and stick bore to depth (NO SKIRTING DRIVEWAYS) and handle the micro duct with care as kinks or flattened duct will be failed by QC.
Pot holing across utilities a must... cannot “shallow up” over utility. No exceptions.

Realistic production:
Brand new crews on project will be able to get 400’- 500’ a day of completed product.
Crews that develop a good flow, understanding of prints, learn to handle the duct without damage can get 750’+ daily.

Chute blades must be able to plow in (4) 1/2” micro ducts with the tracer wire at 8” cover. Pull blades acceptable, but not the preferred method.

Hard hats, safety vests required. Cones for trucks and open holes a must.

Supervisors and QC will be on site during work.


Send any questions, info about your company, your telecom experience, number of crews and start date to:

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