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Fiber Splicer - Construction Outside Plant

Full-time Employee


N. California - Sacramento





Other Requirements

Clean driving record, able to pass drug test and authorize background check.

Job Description

Seeking EXPERIENCED Fiber Splicer to prep enclosures, splice single & ribbon fibers, test and troubleshoot as needed in UG & aerial network (bucket & ladder).

Must have in-the-field hands on experience with fusion splicing, ribbon splicing, ribbonizing, prepping enclosures, new case build, re-entrys, ring cuts, power metering and OTDR traces.

Must have actual experience working with a mid-span ladder and bucket truck. Safety is #1 priority.

Company supplies all splicing & testing equipment.

Applicant would have to be able to pass drug screening, background check and have a clean driving record.

Be able to perform the physical tasks required for an entire 8, 10 or 12 hour shift.

Administratively, be able to complete time sheet, production sheets, uploading of pictures & test results.

Complete all prep, splice, test per work orders and daily instructions given, in accordance with the industry and customer specific requirements & standards. Complete high quality, neat, clean and superior splicing and fiber management in the trays. Take pictures of completed work at each location. Analyze testing results and understand readings.

Be able to communicate well with supervisor. Receive prints and work for the day, be able to read and understand work given. Be able to ask questions if there's something not understood and be willing to ask for help as needed. We hold our team to very high standards and expect the best performance possible from each team member. Be willing to notify supervisor throughout the day of progress. Be able to think on your feet and adjust to changing circumstances and change orders. Also be able to think with the entire projects outcome and communicate if you see something that is not right or that could be done while you're out on the job site for the day. Initiative, communication, responsibility and pride in workmanship is the name of the game.

Physical Requirements:

-Lifting/Carrying (50-100lbs) daily - Equipment & 28' Ext Ladder

-Bending/Twisting (6-12 hours) daily

-Standing (6-12 hours) daily

-Repetitive Motion (strip/cleave/splice) 6-12 hours daily

-Walking (6-12 hours) daily

-Pushing/Pulling/Lifting (6-12 hours) daily

Benefits include Medical (50% ER Contribution), Dental & Vision (Voluntary), Cal-Savers Roth IRA

Job Type: Full-time

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $22.00 - $28.00 per hour depending on experience


916-276-7461 Amber

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