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Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota

Independent Contractor






Rate card


Fully out fitted crews. That can splice and balance.

Other Requirements

Truck, tools, and insurance

Job Description

We have contracts with all the prime contractors.
We have a seem-less progressive contract that helps everyone. No more fight over codes and billing pay outs. Our company has made the life of linemen much easier on crew leaders. We require only one badge leader to be under contract.

Mandatory retainer of 5k for construction and 1k for splicers which 10% of each check will be deducted until you have hit your retainer.

Rates are per contractor and each company. MEANING YOU MUST KEEP TRACK OF YOUR OWN PAY DETAILS. You will work for 4-5 different contractors in a week. We have more work than we can handle and are looking for dependable crews.

Disclaimer: any crews that have a bad report from the contractor will not be able to work with us again. We have been in this business a long time. He have a great report with many different primes and they always pay us on time.


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About Us

We started our company in Texas and since moved to Florida. No we will not change our name.

We have work in a few other states and can assist with helping crew make contacts with contractors in their home town. Please email me your area and we will let you know what is available.

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