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OSP Construction Project Manager

Full-time Employee


Job Description

We are offering an opportunity to put your experience in OSP construction and maintenance, to work in a fast-paced and challenging environment and doing so for one of the fastest growing construction company in the USA. In joining our Utilities One team, your opportunity to learn leadership skills in addition to outstanding career advancement opportunities is an everyday part of life at U1.
Come talk to us and let’s discuss your future with U1 in building your success in the world of telecommunications industry!

U1 offers the following:
- Great Work Environment
- Competitive Salary
- Career Advancement
- Company Car
- Company Credit Card.

- The position requires traveling
- Direct the performance of the Construction craft personnel on all duties according to prescribed safety procedures up to and including the uses of the appropriate safety equipment for the construction of aerial and underground
- Oversee the Installs and/or and relocates of aerial and underground cable including OSP fiber optic
- Ensures that it meets industry standards, is technically reliable and performed in timely and cost-efficient manner
- Provides direction and support for Lineman and crews during all phases of construction activity
- Establish and maintain business standards for accuracy, productivity and reliability
- Manage the daily functions of the business
- Prepare annual performance review and reevaluate processes
- Ensure regulatory, compliance and legal rules are followed
- Manage budget to align with goals of business

- Knowledge of underground construction, aerial construction and OSP fiber optic construction methods
- Must have proven experience with OSP aerial fiber optic cable construction
- Proficiency with Microsoft Office
- Strong organizational and communication skills (must speak the English language fluently and clearly)
- Strong ability to multitask
- Comfort working with multiple groups within business
- Current valid Driver’s License with a clean driving record
- This position requires significant time walking on uneven ground. Must be able to perform duties in a safe and efficient manner.
- Work up to 6 days per week in an all -weather environment and be willing to travel as required.
- A pre-employment, on site certification will be required. The applicant must successfully show that he/she is competent in the duties as described within this document
- All applicants must pass a pre-employment drug and alcohol test, random testing will be completed after date of hire
- Must pass a customer driven background check
- The applicant must follow safety guidelines and wear personal protective equipment at all times.

Utilities One strives to hire, recruit and promote associates without regard to race, color, gender, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or veteran's status.
We only encourage to apply if you have OSP Construction Experience.


Call- (978)258-4907
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