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Adding 3rd Member to Drill Team(IN, IL)

Full-time Employee


South-Central IL


N/NE IN(Fort Wayne, Elkhart, Plymouth, Roanoke)


1-2 weeks


Pay will depend on experience and qualifications. Starting pay is $15 per hour up to $25 per hour


Experience in the following categories is preferred, but not required: underground construction, directional drilling with Vermeer 20x22 or similar drills, handhole setting, redlining, whitelining, sonde locating with DCI equipment, utility locating, hydro excavation, and driving trucks with trailers.

Job Description

A hard-working and dependable employee with a good attitude is a must. We do travel a fair amount for our work in IL. Lodging is provided in the form of a house with a clean kitchen and bedroom when working out of town. We are looking to hire people local to either Central IL or Northeast IN. We are currently booked out 5-6 months with many other customers wanting our services. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or inquiries. Thanks!


Blake Kreienbrink - Owner
Cell: 260-579-8300

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About Us

We are a small, but rapidly growing company looking to add another member to our team. We focus primarily on telecommunication installs for rural internet companies with our sights set on power, water, and gas contracts in the future as we grow. We are currently running a 2019 Vermeer 20x22, 2016 Kubota U-35, reel trailer, and a 2020 HX-30 Vac trailer. We have a 2015 dodge 2500, 2015 dodge 3500(dually), and a 2019 F250.

We are based out of Northeast IN, but have a large amount of work in South Central IL as well as work piling up in IN as well. We are currently a 1 drill HDD company, but will be looking to double in size in the next 6-8 months so we can better service our customers. There is infinite room for growth and opportunity as we just finished up our second full year in the HDD business. I am looking for highly motivated individuals that are ready and willing to put in the work to help grow our brand and customer list. As of fiscal year 2021 I will be looking at adding health insurance benefits for all employees that have been on board for 4-6 months. Bonuses are handed out monthly and annually.

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