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Cable Tv installers cox cable.

Independent Contractor


Phoenix and its surrounding cities.


As soon as drug and background checks out.Come work for us and learn a new trade installing copper after the project.Copper guys make $40-$60 hourly with $100 Per-diem. Knowledge is power guys,come sign with us and add a new skill to yourself.


2.50 per pont.Techs get $100 per-diem for each day worked.Come work for us and after the project learn how to do telephone I&R, DSL, POTS and BONDED work with cable repair and maintainance.


Candidates must be cable proficient and have all the hand tools and meters,we can rent you a Meter. Come work for us and after the project we will train you on how to do Telephone I&R DSl, POTS AND BONDED WORK making $5000 a week come next year April 2021.

Other Requirements

1099 Techs must have own vehicles, white truck of van no exceptions in the phoenix market.we can rent a truck for qualified candidates.

Job Description

Job involves installation and repair of customers cable television, Internet , phone services customer education and satifaction of services installed and repaired.


7609876135 or 7603649193 EXT 102, Business Development Department.

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